Christmas On Knob Hill

Thank you for visiting Christmas on Knob Hill, the best place to see Christmas lights in San Diego. It takes a lot of time and effort to put this display together and many people are interested in all of the details. The following are some of the questions that always seem to come up in conversations about the Christmas light display. If you have a specific question about Christmas on Knob Hill email

1. When do you start decorating for Christmas?
We start decorating the first week of October.

2. How many lights are there?
Over 80,000 lights, 100 plastic figures, 20 rope light figures, 80 snowmen, 100 candy canes, etc.

3. How long does it take to setup the display?
The display takes about 2-3 months to setup.

4. What is your electric bill?
Our electric bill used to be over $2,000 a month. We added 11kW of solar to our roof and now the Christmas lights are completed powered by the sun!

5. How long does the display run?
For 2019 the Christmas display will run from November 28 until December 30.

6. What time do you turn the lights on?
The lights are on nightly from 5pm- 9pm.

7. When does Santa arrive?
For 2019, Santa will be here from December 13 until December 23 from 6:30pm – 8pm (Except Wednesday – Santa Bowls).

8. Can we take pictures of Santa?
Of course!

9. How much does it cost to take pictures with Santa?
Absolutely nothing, although Santa does appreciate the occasional cookie.

10. Can I bring Santa my Christmas list?
Santa loves getting lists from kids. You can hand deliver them to Santa during his hours or just drop it into his mailbox outside.

11. How long have you been decorating?
We have been decorating for over 15 years.

12. Why do you do this?
We decorate as a gift to the community. We see this as a way of giving back and enjoy seeing the happy faces of kids and adults alike.

13. How many candy canes do you give out a year?
Over 5000.

14. Where do you store everything?
We have multiple sheds in the backyard where we store all of the decorations.

15. How many people visit each year?
We estimate that tens of thousands of people enjoy the Christmas display each year. ©2010. All rights reserved.