Christmas On Knob Hill

Saving with Solar Power!

Installing Solar Panels Saved Us Thousands!

The question we get asked most is "how much is your electric bill?" With a head shake and a look of understanding, most people in San Diego County know that our electric bills have continued to climb. Putting on a huge Christmas display every year has cost tens of thousands of dollars just in power prices.
In 2014 we made the decision that installing solar power was the answer and we added 10kW in solar panels. It has made a huge difference in our power bills. At the highest point we were spending over $2500 a month and, with our solar panels, that cost has dropped to almost nothing. We chose to buy our system outright, but we looked into leasing a solar system, which is a lot more affordable if you don't want to buy your solar system. The payback period for our solar system should reach payback in 4-5 years.
We are happy to be paying the money to pay for our solar system every month instead of to SDGE! If you're interested in talking to someone about solar power for your home or office, please fill out the form below. (FYI, We may get a referral fee when you choose to fill out the form from our site and end up buying a system, but that donation ends up going to more Christmas decorations!)

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